Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing.
If you have other questions, please just send it to info@robotworks.co.uk.

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General Questions

Currently we don't have any finance packages available, but watch this space!

In most cases, your parts will be made to order. The manufacturing of parts takes roughly 10 working days. Please appreciate that production time can differ dependant on our manufacturers backlog, sometimes you will have to wait longer than 10 working days. Dry-Carbon parts can take around 25-30 Days

After that delivery normally takes about 5 working days to most parts of the world. If we have stock of the parts you are after, it would take about a week for you to receive the goods after placing your order. If your goods are being shipped via sea, delivery will take about 30 - 45 days. Larger items such as bonnets bumpers & bodykits would be sent via sea. This method INCLUDES import fees

Customers ordering a full Robot widebody kit get FREE delivery via Sea Freight, CMST Forged & OnAir products also come with FREE delivery. For every other product unless specified, delivery will be calculated at checkout. You may get charged import duty upon delivery. This is normal for items of a high value being imported into most countries. We do not cover any potential import fees, however we try our best to limit / avoid any potential import fees.
We advise customers to contact us before placing your order to confirm fitment of parts and any other special requirements.

If you are a UK based customer and are interested in an installation service please contact us for further information. Probodyworx in Southwell is our chosen installer for OnAir, Robot Widebody Kits & other items

We recommend professional installation of our parts. If you have any struggles with installation, please contact us for advice.

Some of our product listings offer choices between different styles, such as matte or forged carbon. If a specific listing does not present these options, please contact us, and we will confirm whether you can obtain that carbon part in another pattern or finish.

Special carbon includes
- Kevlar
- Blue Tint Carbon
- Purple Tint Carbon
- Hex Weave Carbon

In essence, we ship directly from the factory to make our products more affordable for both our international and UK customers. By choosing this method, we avoid incurring additional costs for importing goods into the UK and then charging customers another fee to ship internationally. This strategy also helps us maintain low overhead costs, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. If you need parts urgently, we will do our utmost to expedite your order.
We understand that shopping online can sometimes feel uncertain due to the presence of untrustworthy parties. We prioritize transparency in our ordering process and proudly showcase our UK-built Robot demo car at various exhibitions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 01858555583. Our official business name is Tyre Wall Stickers Limited, and we have been operating Tyre Wall Stickers since 2019, transforming it into a globally recognised brand. In 2021, we expanded our portfolio to include the ROBOT brand. With so much at stake, compromising our outstanding reputation by engaging in deceitful activities is not an option for us
For our customers in the United Kingdom, yes. 20% VAT is added at the checkout. Regarding our International customers, no VAT is charged when you check out. The reason for this is when your order arrives within your own country, your local government will charge you import duties/taxes separately. (Not applicable for Sea Freight deliveries)
Yes we do! We offer shipping worldwide & shipping costs are available at checkout.
If you believe our website is overcharging you, please contact us so we can address the issue. We carry a large inventory, and occasionally, our website may not calculate shipping costs accurately. The final shipping price can vary based on your location, the specific part ordered, and how quickly you need it delivered. We're here to help ensure you get the best possible service and pricing.

Additional Questions

Our body kits are custom-made to order. Customers can cancel within three business days of the order for a refund, minus a 5% transaction fee. We start production quickly, typically within two business days, so please reach out with any concerns before production begins
Once the product is shipped, refunds are generally not allowed. If a return is accepted under exceptional circumstances, the product must be returned in its original condition to our factory for inspection. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, and refunds will only cover the product's cost excluding any shipping fees.
Custom orders that have entered production are subject to a 50% refund due to the bespoke nature of these products. Cancellations after production commencement are not eligible for a full refund.
Products require professional installation. Any issues resulting from improper installation or handling are not covered by refunds. Any visible damage upon delivery should be reported immediately.
Body shops are known to break items during installation. If damage is not identified AT TIME OF DELIVERY, please TAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE BODYSHOP.
Body shops are known to lose items while items are "just sitting there", or "never touched them". If missing items are not identified AT TIME OF DELIVERY, please TAKE YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE BODYSHOP.
To ensure we can claim for compensation, please inspect your package for any shipping damage immediately upon delivery while the driver is present. If you find any damage, have the driver note it on the spot. Be sure to also take photos of both the damaged merchandise and the packaging, and refuse to accept the damaged package.

Compensation covers:
Damage incurred during transit.
Damage noted at the time of delivery.
Items lost during transit.

Insurance does not cover:
Items lost after delivery. This includes situations such as "I was not home," "I did not sign for it," "It was left outside," or "It was delivered to the wrong address."
Damages found after the items have been delivered.
Claims for damage will be declined if discovered after the carrier has completed delivery.
Failure to inspect the item at the time of delivery, with common scenarios including "I was not home," "the driver was in a hurry," "the driver did not allow inspection," or "someone else accepted delivery."
Failure by a third-party receiver to inspect at the time of delivery, such as "received by someone at the body shop" or "left at the front desk."

We use all of this evidence to put a claim in with the delivery company, this money can then be used to pay for additional repairs or for a new item to be sent. This is a worse case scenario and we will do everything we can to avoid this happening. Fortunately FRP parts can easily be repaired by competent bodyshops
Some modifications can of course affect your manufacturer warranty.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if any of our products will affect your warranty as companies will have their own policies. We would advise speaking to your warranty/finance company or your dealership regarding these questions.
Our website indicates that certain products are labeled for "Racing and Competition Only" as a necessary legal safeguard. This disclaimer is essential not because we desire to include it, but to protect our business from potential claims that could arise from unintended usage of our products. Such disclaimers are standard in the aftermarket parts industry and serve to clarify the specific intended use of these items.
Yes, we have access to over 20 different factories all producing different kits & products. If you can't find it on the website, please get in touch and we will see what we can do. This goes for OEM style parts, or aftermarket... please note we DO NOT SELL replica kits from any brand
Generally once the part has arrived in our warehouse and has been checked, you will receive tracking 2-3 days later. For sea freight deliveries sometimes it's up to 5-7 days later as we need to wait for the ship to set sail.
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