Returns Policy

Return & Exchange Policy

Scope of Policy:
All transactions made via the Robot Bodykits website or directly invoiced fall under this policy, unless specific product terms state otherwise.

General Returns:

  • Customers may cancel orders and potentially receive a refund (minus a 5% transaction fee) if the cancellation is made within three business days of placing the order. This refund does not include any shipping costs paid by the customer, even if they are integrated into the product’s price.
  • Given our swift order processing, we typically commence production within two business days. We advise contacting us with concerns before order finalization.
  • Once a product is dispatched, standard refunds aren’t permitted. In exceptional cases where a refund is considered, the customer must return the product in its received condition. Only the product’s cost (excluding any shipping fees) will be refunded. We won’t cover additional return costs like shipping fees.

Bespoke Robot Orders:

  • Our robot kits are custom-made. If production begins, the standard refund is 50% due to the involved customization.
  • If the kit has been acquired with special pricing or sponsorship, the refund amount may differ.
  • Deposits for custom orders are non-refundable if canceled post-production or post-deposit.

Product Features & Installation:

  • Products demand professional installation. DIY attempts might lead to undesirable results.
  • FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) parts can show resin traits, which aren’t product defects. A professional body shop can easily address these traits. Refunds won’t be processed based on these inherent characteristics.

Installation Costs and Product Characteristics:

Improper or DIY installations can compromise the integrity, functionality, and appearance of our products. Any damages or issues arising from non-professional installations are not covered by our policy.

OnAir Products:

  • For cancellations, notify us within three business days. After dispatch, refunds are possible only upon product return to our warehouse. Return shipping fees are borne by the customer.

Product Damage:

  • If you observe any damages upon delivery, it’s crucial to report them to the driver immediately and take photographs as evidence. Our kits are insured, but for the insurance process to proceed smoothly, we require this evidence.
  • Some components, such as FRP parts, might be repairable by professional body shops. We may offer partial refunds for these repairs.
  • We understand the inconvenience that damages can cause and pledge to do our utmost to support you throughout any necessary remediation or insurance process.

International Orders:

  • International deliveries might face delays due to customs. Customers are responsible for all local customs charges.

Change of Mind & Returns:

  • Post-delivery, if the product meets the agreed-upon conditions, we don’t entertain returns or refunds based on a change of mind.

Order Verification:

  • We pride ourselves on quality assurance and conduct thorough checks on each kit part before dispatch. For added transparency, we photograph each part, ensuring we have a documented record of the product’s state before shipment.

Payments via PayPal:

  • For customers choosing PayPal, consider our rigorous verification and dispatch process. We urge you to use the platform responsibly. Misusing PayPal’s protection policies or making false claims can result in legal consequences.

We deeply value the trust and relationship we have with our customers. While we provide multiple payment options for your convenience, we ask customers to use payment methods responsibly and with understanding. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of your chosen payment platform.

Post-Dispatch and Customs Handling:
Once a kit is dispatched from our facility, our control over its movement is limited to tracking its whereabouts. During this transit phase, we cannot recall or reroute the product back to us. International deliveries, in particular, might face extended delays due to customs processing. We kindly ask for your patience as your kit navigates through these logistical steps. While we understand the eagerness to receive your order, these external processes can sometimes take longer than anticipated.

Regarding Chargebacks: We endeavor to resolve any customer concerns directly and amicably. If there’s an issue with your order, please reach out to our customer service first. Initiating a chargeback or dispute without first attempting resolution with us is considered a breach of agreement. We maintain detailed records of all transactions and communications, which will be used to contest unjustified chargebacks.

Shipping and Handling:

  • All shipping costs, whether integrated into the product price or itemized separately, are non-refundable.
  • Customers are responsible for any return shipping charges, even in cases where a refund is issued.
  • International customers are responsible for all local customs and port charges.

Cancellation Fees:

  • In-stock Items: 20% restocking fee, 5% non-refundable transaction fee.
  • Made to Order Items (Started Manufacturing): 20% restocking fee, 5% non-refundable transaction fee.
  • Made to Order Items (Not Started): 5% non-refundable transaction fee.


Dispute Resolution:
At Robot Bodykits, a brand under Tyre Wall Stickers Limited, we believe in open dialogue and amicable solutions. If you find yourself unsatisfied with any aspect of your transaction, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team. We’ll work diligently to address your concerns, aiming for a resolution that upholds both our policy and your satisfaction. Resorting to chargebacks or other forms of dispute without prior communication with our team may complicate the resolution process.

Contact Information:
Your feedback and concerns are invaluable to us. Please direct any questions or grievances to:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01858555583
  • Address: 45 North End, Hallaton, LE16 8UJ, GB


Limited Liability:
While we stand by the quality of our products and the accuracy of our service, Robot Bodykits and its parent company, Tyre Wall Stickers Limited, under no circumstances shall be liable for indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages arising out of or related to any transaction.

Governing Law:
All terms, conditions, and policies set forth by Robot Bodykits and Tyre Wall Stickers Limited are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Any disputes or legal matters arising from transactions or interactions with our company will be addressed under UK jurisdiction.

Privacy and Data Handling:
Protecting your data is of paramount importance to us. All personal and transactional information is handled with the utmost care, adhering to the stringent data protection regulations of the UK. For a comprehensive look at how we manage and protect your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Clear Call to Action:
Your satisfaction and understanding are core to our values. We earnestly urge all our customers to thoroughly peruse our return and exchange policy before finalizing any purchase. This mutual understanding paves the way for smoother transactions and heightened trust.

Our Commitment to You:
While our returns policy might come across as stringent, please understand that it’s crafted with the challenges of shipping high-value and intricate components in mind. These procedures are in place to ensure sustainability, allowing us to serve you effectively while also safeguarding our operations.

At the heart of Robot Bodykits, our true aim is unwavering customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our community of customers. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we reciprocate by providing top-tier service and support at every turn.

We kindly request that our customers approach this relationship with the same level of respect and trust. Misusing or attempting to exploit our goodwill only undermines the efforts we put into ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. Together, let’s foster a relationship built on mutual understanding and shared goals.

Understanding Material Characteristics

1. FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer):

  • Characteristics: FRP parts are made from a combination of fibers (like glass) and a polymer matrix (usually a resin). This composition can exhibit certain traits intrinsic to the nature of the materials.

  • Fitment: It’s not uncommon for FRP parts to require adjustments for perfect alignment. The parts might come with sanding lines or filler marks; however, these are not product defects but rather characteristics of the resin and the production process.

  • Finishing: A professional body shop can easily address and rectify the mentioned traits, ensuring the part looks and fits as intended.

2. Wet Carbon (or Wet Lay Carbon Fiber):

  • Characteristics: Wet carbon is made by laying down carbon fiber and then impregnating it with resin. It gives a beautiful, deep weave pattern that’s aesthetically pleasing. However, the nature of the process can sometimes result in small pinholes or slight variations in weave patterns. Again, these aren’t defects but characteristics inherent to the wet lay process.

  • Finish: Wet carbon parts often come with a glossy finish, but might benefit from an additional coat of clear lacquer to enhance the depth and protect the weave.

  • Care: While it might be tempting to apply Paint Protection Film (PPF) to preserve the beauty of the weave, it’s advised to wait before applying PPF. Immediate application can lead to issues like peeling off the lacquer.

3. Dry Carbon (or Pre-preg Carbon Fiber):

  • Characteristics: Dry carbon is the pinnacle of carbon fiber technology, offering superior strength, lightness, and a premium finish. The material is pre-impregnated with resin, ensuring consistent distribution and quality.

  • Finish: Products made from dry carbon exhibit an OEM-like finish, ensuring the part seamlessly integrates with the vehicle’s design.

  • Quality: The meticulous manufacturing process and superior raw materials ensure that dry carbon products often have the most precise fitment and highest durability among carbon fiber parts.

Polypropylene (PP) Kits:

1. Material and Quality:

  • Characteristics: Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer, which is widely utilized in automotive applications, including bumper covers and other external components. Given its properties, PP is often used in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industry, ensuring that parts made from this material usually have a precision fit.

  • Fitment: Kits made from PP are designed to fit right out of the box, making them an excellent choice for customers looking for minimal fuss during the installation process. The plastic nature of these kits allows them to closely mirror OEM specifications, ensuring a snug and precise fit.

2. Cost and Installation:

  • Price Benefits: While the initial moulds for PP kits can be expensive to produce, the repeated use of these moulds often means that the per-unit cost for the parts is lower. This cost advantage is passed on to the customer, making PP kits generally more affordable.

  • Installation and Paint: Due to the nature of the material, PP kits are typically easier and cheaper to paint than FRP kits. Their smooth surface requires less preparation, and they are less prone to reactions or complications during the painting process. The installation process is also generally more straightforward, reducing labor costs.

3. Availability:

  • Limited Styles: The initial cost of creating moulds for PP kits can be high. This means that while the material itself is of high quality and offers excellent fitment, it might not be feasible to produce a wide variety of styles or custom designs in PP. Customers might find that PP kits are available in a limited range of styles compared to FRP or carbon fiber options.