CMST Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip Ver.5

New Release!!! CMST Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip Ver.5

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  • Real Carbon Fiber with UV Protection Clearcoat
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Understanding Our Process: Commitment to Transparency and Customer Satisfaction

We at Robot acknowledge that making significant payments online can feel like taking a leap of faith. With the myriad of options out there, it’s challenging to determine what’s legitimate. Therefore, we want to take a moment to provide clarity on our ordering process and assure you of our unwavering commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Shipping

  • All-Inclusive Pricing: We believe in straightforward, transparent pricing. That’s why the cost of all Robot Bodykits and our OnAir Suspension kits include shipping. What you see is what you pay. If there's free shipping on a kit, it will say in the description
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Order Production & Shipment

  • Swift Production: As soon as you place an order, your order goes into production the very next working day.
  • Personalised Update: We ensure you’re not left in the dark. Once your kit is ready, we’ll send over images via WhatsApp (if you’ve provided your number) or email. This ensures that you see what you’ve paid for, even before it’s shipped. It is also checked for any defects during this stage
  • Shipping Method: Our standard shipping method is via sea freight, which typically takes around 2 months. But rest assured, we will provide you with tracking information as soon as it’s dispatched.
  • Customs Clearance: We understand the anxiety that comes with customs clearance. Although we’ve taken care of the taxes, there may still be some processes the kit needs to go through at customs. We appreciate your patience during this phase.

Alternate Ordering & Payment Option

Prefer a different payment method? Feel free to reach out to us. We can invoice you for the parts. Even better, with this method, you can place a 30% deposit to start production and then settle the balance once you’re satisfied with the images of your finished kit.


One of our most pressing concerns is improper installation. We can’t stress this enough: please seek a professional who knows the ins and outs of FRP products. This ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your kit.

For those opting for a carbon fibre bonnet, it’s essential to note that the underside will typically be made of FRP material. This may require painting, while the top is carbon. (Unless you ordered a double-sided carbon bonnet)

In conclusion, whether you’re choosing the standard ordering process or the invoicing option, we’re flexible and here to support you. At Robot Craftsman, we value your trust and strive to make your experience seamless and satisfying.


FRP, with a Primed Black, Grey, or White Finish
*FRP(Fibre Reinforced Polymer) is a composite crafted from carbon fibre and reinforced polymers. When selecting the FRP option, it arrives with a primed finish, intended for professional preparation and painting. It’s essential to have the FRP professionally installed to ensure optimal results. Please be aware that any markings or pockmarks are inherent characteristics of resin within the FRP and are not indications of product defects


CFRP, which stands for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (otherwise known as wet-carbon). This is a type of material that combines carbon fibre with a polymer (think of it as a sort of glue) to bind the fibres together. The polymer gives the carbon fibre its shape and durability, making CFRP an incredibly strong yet lightweight material. It’s used in a variety of products and industries, from automotive parts to sports equipment, because of its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Dry Carbon

The term “dry carbon” might be a bit misleading because it doesn’t mean the material is literally dry. Instead, it refers to the method used to make the carbon fibre parts. Dry carbon fibre is made by using a pre-preg (pre-impregnated) method where the carbon fibre is impregnated with resin before it’s molded. Then, it’s cured in an autoclave (a high-pressure oven) which makes the parts extremely lightweight and strong. Dry carbon fibre is often considered a more premium option because of its superior strength and lighter weight compared to CFRP, but it also tends to be more expensive.

So, what does this mean for you? Unless specifically stated, all the carbon fibre parts we sell are CFRP. We choose CFRP for its fantastic balance of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you get high-quality parts without breaking the bank. However, we also understand the unique benefits of dry carbon fibre, especially for those seeking the ultimate in performance and weight reduction. For these select items, we’ll make sure it’s clearly stated in the product description or title.

1. FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer):

Characteristics:FRP parts are made from a combination of fibers (like glass) and a polymer matrix (usually a resin). This composition can exhibit certain traits intrinsic to the nature of the materials.
Fitment: It’s not uncommon for FRP parts to require adjustments for perfect alignment. The parts might come with sanding lines or filler marks; however, these are not product defects but rather characteristics of the resin and the production process.
Finishing: A professional body shop can easily address and rectify the mentioned traits, ensuring the part looks and fits as intended.

2. Wet Carbon (or Wet Lay Carbon Fiber):

Characteristics: Wet carbon is made by laying down carbon fiber and then impregnating it with resin. It gives a beautiful, deep weave pattern that’s aesthetically pleasing. However, the nature of the process can sometimes result in small pinholes or slight variations in weave patterns. Again, these aren’t defects but characteristics inherent to the wet lay process.
Finish: Wet carbon parts often come with a glossy finish, but might benefit from an additional coat of clear lacquer to enhance the depth and protect the weave.
Care: While it might be tempting to apply Paint Protection Film (PPF) to preserve the beauty of the weave, it’s advised to wait before applying PPF. Immediate application can lead to issues like peeling off the lacquer.

3. Dry Carbon (or Pre-preg Carbon Fiber):

Characteristics: Dry carbon is the pinnacle of carbon fiber technology, offering superior strength, lightness, and a premium finish. The material is pre-impregnated with resin, ensuring consistent distribution and quality.
Finish: Products made from dry carbon exhibit an OEM-like finish, ensuring the part seamlessly integrates with the vehicle’s design.
Quality: The meticulous manufacturing process and superior raw materials ensure that dry carbon products often have the most precise fitment and highest durability among carbon fiber parts.

4. PP (Polypropylene)

Characteristics: Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer known for its outstanding chemical resistance, elasticity, and thermal insulation properties. It is less dense than other plastics, making it a lightweight option for car body kits. PP is resistant to various chemical solvents, bases, and acids.
Fitment: PP body kits are typically easier to install due to their flexibility, which allows for better adjustment and alignment to the car’s body. This flexibility also makes PP parts more resistant to cracking and breaking upon impact.
Finishing: PP can be painted or treated with a variety of finishes to enhance its appearance or to match the vehicle’s existing color scheme. However, proper surface treatment is crucial as the material is naturally hydrophobic and may not bond well with some paints without proper preparation
Care: Due to its chemical resistance, cleaning and maintaining PP body kits is relatively straightforward. They can withstand a wide range of cleaning products without damage. Regular washing and occasional waxing are sufficient to maintain the appearance and integrity of the part.

VAT & Import

The listed price does not cover UK taxes, installation charges, or customs duties.

Made To Order

Be aware that all body kits are produced on a made-to-order basis. As such, once an order is placed, we cannot process refunds because production starts right away. Upon arrival in your country, you might incur additional customs charges, for which we are not liable.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation: Always employ a expert for the fitting of resin and carbon fibre components. Self-installation or using untrained technicians is strongly discouraged.

Renderings vs Reality

Product renderings might not perfectly match the actual vehicle’s appearance. The real-life look is the definitive outcome. Not all accessories displayed in renderings may be available, so please refer to the actual products available for purchase.

Product Receipt

Upon receiving your order, promptly inspect the items. Confirm the items are undamaged before signing the delivery receipt. Any refusal to allow an inspection is groundless. If damage is observed, notify the driver, decline the package, and contact us. This procedure ensures we can pursue compensation for any damages.

Painting FRP Products

Due to the nature of resin, the painting process may require additional sanding and hole-filling. Some paint shops might charge a premium for resin parts. It’s vital to inspect the painted surface for imperfections like pockmarks or unevenness, which can be addressed during the paint application. Such issues stem from resin properties, not product flaws.


All our bodykit products come with a one-year warranty. Should a product fracture under normal use, we’ll replace it at no charge. However, the warranty does not cover damages resulting from collisions, improper installation, or external factors. Replacement shipping fees are not included in the warranty.

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