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Trusted Installer: Probodyworx

by Tom Gill 19 Apr 2024

At Robot, we design our body kits to completely transform the appearance of your vehicle. However, it is crucial that they are installed correctly to achieve the desired result. Often, issues with the final product are not due to the body kit itself, but rather the installation process. This is why we recommend using a professional body shop for installation.

Professional body shops, like Probodyworx, have the expertise and experience necessary to properly install fibreglass parts. They are familiar with the various characteristics and properties of body kit materials, including fibreglass, carbon, and ABS, and know how to use the proper materials and techniques to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product. This includes avoiding issues such as shrinking, swelling, and cracking that can occur with improper material use or poor installation.

Probodyworx is currently building a Robot Craftsman GT86 and we have been thoroughly impressed with their problem-solving skills and craftsmanship. With over 25 years of experience in bodywork and fibreglass, Probodyworx is a trusted and reliable choice for all of your vehicle modification needs. Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch workmanship and excellent customer service. UPDATE: They have also installed the Robot Craftsman partial carbon bodykit onto our demo car, the results speak for themselves!

We highly recommend Probodyworx for any bodywork needs and trust in their expertise and experience to bring your vision for your vehicle to life



ROBOT BUILDS: Robot Craftsman GT86 Widebody 

Unit 6-8 Maythorne Industrial Estate, Southwell, NG25 0RS

Tel: 01636 918 992

Mobile: 07815 436 614




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